Attention Parents and Grandparents  who are frantically trying to find a children’s book with a difference.


"At Last!
A Collection of Short Fairy Tales for Children to Inspire their Imagination AND Help Them Learn Important Life Lessons


Let me ask you these three very IMPORTANT questions first…

  Are you feeling bombarded by what you should and should not do to get your child ahead of the game?
  Are you feeling the pressure that you are not good enough because you are not doing the one hundred and one “right” things for your child?
  Are you always looking for the “next best” thing and being afraid that if you don’t jump on the current bandwagon that you might miss out and your child will suffer for life?


You don’t need to be a miracle worker to
give your child what they need

"Few children learn to love books by themselves.  Someone has to lure them into the wonderful world of the written word.  Someone has to show them the way."

Orville Prescott from "A Father Reads to His Children"


Dear Parent or Grandparent

Children are precious little people, and like sponges they absorb everything they hear and see around them.  If you are like me and thousands of parents around the world you will probably have spent countless hours worrying if you are giving your child the best in life.

Now you can do for your kids what we did for ours when they were very young.  We decided to take action to ensure we raised them with a very sound set of life long morals.  Morals we learnt from our parents as we were growing up such as:  respect, kindness, family, friendship, acceptance of others and helping one another.

One of the ways we provided our kids with these morals was through STORY TELLING as well as READING and EXPLORING books as our parents did with us.  A TRADITION we’ve carried on!

I know from experience this helped us provide our kids with the best in life as they have grown into fantastic young adults.

So Ask Yourself This

Where can I find an original and uniquely illustrated children’s book I can utilise in teaching my kids about a variety of morals?


as the solution has arrived with Tim the
Magic Tree Limb Fairy Tales.

It All Began With My Father

Growing up on a farm in rural Australia, I remember Dad telling us stories about the bush and its animals and characters from his own imagination.  All the characters had magical powers and embarked on numerous adventures while each story demonstrated strong morals and values. So when the grandchildren came along, we did not want them to miss out on the same experiences we had as kids listening to Dad’s stories.  We persuaded him to write them down, which led to……

Tim the Magic Tree Limb

bought to life in four short stories
hand illustrated by Dad.

Fun Fairy Tales for Kids


Best of all…

You to can now immerse yourself and your kids in the adventures of Tim the Magic Tree Limb as the characters explore the bush, meet new friends, embark on adventures and learn life long lessons, such as -


  • respect
  • kindness
  • family
  • friendship
  • acceptance of others
  • helping one another

A priceless set of values learnt at a young age!

According to the American Academy of Paediatrics…

  • A 2007 study showed that “Adult-child conversations have a more significant impact on language development than exposing children to language through one-on-one reading alone”.
  • And a 2008 study showed that “Children whose parents read aloud to them have better language and literacy skills when they go to school”.

I read these books to my children and they loved them.  Their favorite characters were the beetles and the funny antics they would get up to.To find a children's book with friendships and everyone helping each other is refreshing.  Tim The Magic Tree Limb is now a favorite bed time story. The kids also look forward to creating their own stories with Tim and his friends using the felt characters we made following the detailed instructions supplied in the bonus package.  We have made all the characters and now create our own adventure stories with Tim and his friends. Thanks for a great kids book and the fantastic bonuses.

Allison  W, Brisbane Australia


Rather than you spending hours of your precious time searching through countless pages of research, I have done the hard work for you and looked into the benefits of reading to your kids both picture and non-picture books.  Here is a condensed version of what I found:

  1. Language, vocabulary, pronunciation and speech development is obtained by hearing and seeing the words through word/picture association which helps a child develop speech patterns and builds pathways in their brain.
  2. Preparing a child for school and social interaction aids in increasing their participation success in structured situations like school.
  3. Comprehension and grammar enables a child to better understand and follow sentences as well as grasp the essentials of grammar and sentence construction.
  4. Bonding with your child as well as their very own “my” time – the ultimate bond – helps your child feel special and loved for time given is time shared.
  5. By reading with your child on a regular basis contributes to better relaxation and sleep patterns.
  6. Auditory perception is enhanced as a child learns to think about words and sounds.
  7. Attention span and ability to focus on concepts is developed which helps a child to cope better at school and understand the world around them.
  8. Develop a natural curiosity and imagination helping a child to explore the world and build confidence in their own thoughts and actions.
  9. Nurturing the desire to readis ingrained for life.
  10. Builds an understanding of morals and values which helps a child work out what different behaviours are and gives you the opportunity to build sound morals and values.

I read these books with my 5 year old daughter.  She loved the stories and wanted to re-read them over and over.  I asked her what she liked most about the stories.  She said she "liked that everyone was making friends".  She said she liked all the stories but her favourite was the one where "they found the egg".I liked that the story was set in the Australian bush and all the native animals met along the way.  It is a magical story of discovery, acceptance and friendship. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Efthalea, Brisbane, Australia


Tim the Magic Tree Limb is a set of short stories full of: 

  • Sound morals and values
  • Mystery that drives curiosity
  • Simple, clear, understandable pictures that develop visual and tactile skills which helps in language development
  • Pictures that tell the story on their own helping with word association, imagination, counting and comprehension
  • Rhyming words that help develop speech patterns
  • Characters that are so full of fun and antics they keep your child’s attention and focus

Children have simple desires, Adults make it complicated!

  • We all desire to love and be loved
  • We all desire to live our dreams
  • We all want what is best for the people we love and cherish

Reading and interacting with your child can be
LIFE-CHANGING – I know it was for us!

This is a fine, light hearted story book for children expressing the need for friendship and of the richness and depth that friendships mean to us all.From the Australian scenery, environment and animals described within the stories, young children will relate to the delightful animal characters. An enjoyable read.

Geoffrey Clements, Evans Head, Australia


Each Ebook explores Respect, Kindness, Family, Friendship, Acceptance of Others and Helping One Another.

Story 1:    Tim the Magic Tree Limb – where it all began…

Story 2:    Adventures of Finding a Home – Tim & his friend’s search for a new home…

Story 3:    A Mystery Egg – the discovery of a mysterious egg…

Story 4:    Mystery Solved – the reuniting of a family….


So Don’t Miss Out…

On giving your child the opportunity to embrace the love of reading. Children grow up so quickly – it seems like one minute they are sleeping in your arms and the next they are handing over the grandchildren. YOU cannot afford to hesitate over your decision.

Not only will you get the four story books detailing the adventures of Tim and his friends, but I will also include these four fabulous bonuses absolutely FREE!

Bonus 1:  Set of 4 Audio Books of Tim The Magic Tree Limb Stories

Valued At  $19.95

  • Let your child hear the stories come alive as they listen along with the audio books.
  • Provide your child with the experience of listening to the sounds of the Australian bush which have been incorporated into the audio books.  
    Click the player below

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     to listen to the sounds of the Australian bush.

Bonus 2:  Tim The Magic Tree Limb – Puzzle Book

Valued At  $12.90

  • Packed full of 16 activities to help your child develop their attention span and motor functions.
  • Your child will enjoy Mazes, Word Searches, Criss Cross Puzzles, Join the Dots, plus a couple more.
  • Imagine spending this quality time with your child and experiencing the joy with them as they explore and work their way through the puzzle book.
  • With the ability to download the puzzle book you will be able to print and re-print it over and over again, providing your child with numerous times to enjoy the activities.

Bonus 3:  Tim The Magic Tree Limb – Colouring Books

Valued At  $7.15

  • The 4 story books have been turned into black and white versions where your child can colour Tim and his friends with their own colour schemes.
  • Colouring helps with motor function development.
  • Further develops their imaginative and creative thought skills.
  • And with the ability to download the colouring in book you will be able to print and re-print it over and over again, providing your child with numerous times to colour the characters all the colours of the rainbow.

Bonus 4:  Tim The Magic Tree Limb – Tutorials on How to Make a Book Bag, Decorate the Book Bag and How to Create your very own Character Story Board

Valued At  $9.95

  • Help your child design their very own uniquely personalised book bag that will stand out from the school crowd.
  • Not only will it make them feel special but it will also give them an opportunity to retell the story to their friends.
  • You and your child will be able to make this easy book bag using the step by step tutorial with pictures in under 2 hours.
  • Also included is a tutorial for decorating your bag using character templates, along with how to create your very own story board adventures.

Total Value of Bonuses :   $49.95


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And you can enrich your child’s life with Tim the Magic Tree Limb and
his friends through the four story books and FREE bonuses.

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P.P.P.S. And don’t forget, when you purchase Tim the Magic Tree Limb Ebook for just $19.95. you will also receive 4 fantastic Bonuses: The Audio Books , The Activity Book, The Coloring Books and the Bag Design and Decoration.  All bonuses absolutely FREE.

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